The staff teams in each of our schools are the life blood of the company and represent our most valuable resource. Investing in all of our teams with ongoing training programs to enhance cooking and service skills is vital to the success of the company. We aim to train all staff to the maximum of their potential. We train and promote from within, where possible and empower our teams to work with our customers and respond directly to their needs.

Justin Fairhall

Samantha Barton

Barbara Zlarnecka

Managing Director

Commercial Director

Finance Director

Justin started his working life as an advertising copywriter. He is a committed foodie, a third year MBA student who likes coastal walking, swimming and writing short stories for children.  

Samantha has 25 years’ experience in operations management and business development. Samantha’s favourite sports are watching rugby and athletics – she likes to recover after a big match by having a glass or two of red wine!

Barbara started at Lunchtime Company 9 years ago as a general catering assistant. With continuous training she has now become a qualified accounts expert and an Excel Ninja.

Jillian Scotty

Diane Spreadborough

Alan Maine

Human Resource Director

Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Jillian is a Human Resources expert with over 20 years’ experience and has worked in both the public and private sectors. Jillian loves to go to the North Norfolk coast for family walks and enjoys cooking, reading and Yoga.

Diane has over 30 years’ experience of management in a variety of food operations (from the military to consumer restaurants) but loves working in the schools arena. She relaxes by reading, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

Alan is a classically trained chef and is passionate about School food and fresh ingredients. Alan is a keen sportsman and a competitive amateur gardener..

Aidan Doyle

Maria Roca

Linnet Walker

Operations Manager

Marketing Manager

Office Manager

Aidan ran his own Michelin recognised restaurant for 13 years. He brings a passion for fresh, seasonal and local food with creative recipe and menu ideas. Aidan is a committed eco champion (green energy user, electric car).

Maria brings a warm Mediterranean smile to the company all the way from Barcelona. She is fluent in five languages and brings a creative international flavour to our school theme days.

Lin coordinates the administration at Lunchtime Company and is key in integrating each of the management teams. She loves cooking healthy treats for her family and keeps fit by running and cycling.

  It feels as if there are senior managers from Lunchtime Company are present at the college at all times! The kitchen staff are so much happier since you started working with us.

Business Manager

Secondary school, North London